I’ve killed so many people I’ve lost count. I can’t come back from this. I’m a monster. I can… feel the anger inside me. But I am… still, somewhere inside me, more than that. Better than that.


Video Game Challenge: [2/7] video games - Beyond: Two Souls
↳ I was born with a strange gift, the ability to see what know human being has ever seen before. It’s all mixed up in my head. The images, the sound, the smell. I need to remember, put things in order right up to this moment. Remember who I am. If I had to say how it all began, I might just as well start here.

Behind the bloodshed and guillotine, a different secret revolution awaited. Its story burning to be told.


Fluffy feelings have taken over me, this is the result

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"We may want to move back…"

Make me choose » garrusfetish asked Destiny or Outlast


Chibi the conure relaxes and enjoys scritches (source)

Dear tumblr,


"my name is abigail walker but my friends and enemies call me ‘fetch.’"

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Do you ever fangirl so hard that you just…

embarrass yourself. Alone. In your room.

Did you fall for the same empty answers again?